Hotkeys for Summoner Spells – Boosting Your LOL Play

Editor Comment: As a League of Legends fan myself, I know how important hotkeys can be in boosting your gameplay. In this article, we’ll focus on hotkeys specific to summoner spells, which can give you a significant edge in the game. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of how to utilize these hotkeys to your advantage and improve your gameplay.

What are Summoner Spells?

Before we delve into hotkeys, let’s first discuss what summoner spells are. Summoner spells are abilities that all players have access to, which can be used to help turn the tide of a game. There are currently 11 summoner spells available in the game, with two slots available for each player to select their own summoner spells.

Some of the most commonly used summoner spells include Flash, Heal, Ignite, Teleport, and Smite, each with its own unique function.

Why Use Hotkeys for Summoner Spells?

Hotkeys are an essential tool to help maximize your gameplay efficiency. With hotkeys, you can quickly activate your summoner spells without having to hunt for them on your screen, which can save you vital seconds in high-pressure situations. But that’s not all: using hotkeys can also improve your overall accuracy and reaction times by being a more reliable method of input than clicking.

Hotkeys for Summoner Spells

Now that we understand the importance of hotkeys let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used hotkeys for summoner spells:

Default Settings:

  • Summoner Spell 1: D Key
  • Summoner Spell 2: F Key

These are the default hotkeys for summoner spells in League of Legends. While these hotkeys may work for many players, they may not be the most optimal for everyone.

To see the current hotkey settings for summoner spells, you can go to the options menu and select “Hotkeys” from the list.

Customized Settings:

To customize hotkeys for summoner spells, navigate to the “Hotkeys” section and scroll down to find the “Summoner Spells” section. Here you can customize your hotkeys for each summoner spell.

Some popular customized hotkeys include:

  • Summoner Spell 1: Q Key
  • Summoner Spell 2: E Key

You can choose any key that works for you when setting up hotkeys for summoner spells, as long as they are easy to remember and comfortable to press.

Using Smartcast for Summoner Spells

Another way to improve your gameplay is to enable Smartcast for your summoner spells. Smartcast allows you to activate your summoner spells with a single button press, without needing to click.

To enable Smartcast for summoner spells, follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Hotkeys” section
  • Select “Quick Cast Summoner Spell 1” or “Quick Cast Summoner Spell 2”
  • Click “Enable Quick Cast”

Once you have enabled Smartcast, you can use your summoner spells with a single button press, which can give you an edge in fast-paced situations.


Q: Are customized hotkeys better than default settings?

A: It ultimately depends on personal preference. While the default settings work for many players, some may find it more comfortable to use customized hotkeys.

Q: Can I use Smartcast for summoner spells with customized hotkeys?

A: Yes, you can enable Smartcast for any customized hotkeys you set for summoner spells.

Q: Can I change my hotkeys mid-game?

A: No, hotkeys cannot be changed mid-game. However, you can change them in the options menu before entering a game.

Q: Can I disable Smartcast for summoner spells?

A: Yes, you can disable Smartcast in the options menu under the “Hotkeys” section.


Hotkeys are a valuable tool to help improve your gameplay in League of Legends, and customized hotkeys and Smartcast can help fine-tune your experience even further. By taking the time to customize your hotkeys and enable Smartcast, you can gain a significant edge in high-pressure situations and take your gameplay to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start setting those hotkeys!

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